A Message to Certified Firms from Dr. Ahmet Selami Caliskan, the General Manager of Tekhnelogos, in the Company’s 10th year

Dear Certified Firm,

It is now ten years since we established our company, and in that time we have overcome many obstacles, achieved many successes, and grown our staff to thirty people. Since our establishment, we have facilitated thousands of projects sent to gas distribution companies through our program ZetaCAD. We owe this success to all the industry-certified companies and their technicians and other employees, without whose interest, positivity, and collaboration we would never have reached this milestone.

Over the course of these past ten years, we have grown only more confident in our decision to work with you. We at Tekhnelogos promise to continue to deliver smart and innovative solutions to everyday engineering problems through our advanced technology and commitment to innovation.


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, we have been able to successfully automate and digitize Turkey’s transition to natural gas. Without you, this would never have been possible.

At the Tekhnelogos family, we consider all our users to be honorary representatives of our company in their cities. Therefore, in honor of our ten-year anniversary, we would like to announce the good news that we will be sharing the long-awaited ZetaCad 3.0™ program with you very soon for free.

Your letters of support and thanks are both a sign of our fruitful relationship and a source of pride and strength for us.

We would like to thank the over 6,000 companies we work with and their staff for all the services you have rendered to natural-gas subscribers, our end consumers, over the past decade, and we extend our sincerest wishes for your continued success in the years to come.

Please feel free to share your ideas, suggestions, and technological proposals with us at our e-mail address: birfikrimvar@tekhnelogos.com.

Best regards,

Dr. Ahmet Selami CALISKAN