Dr. Ahmet Selami CALISKAN

Founder / General Manager

Faziletliler (Virtue) Club (NGO)

Project Coordinator Pioneers in the History of Science Exhibition Project Coordinator
Sadabad High School, 2002

Altin Vana (Golden Valve) Green Energy Award
GAS&POWER, March 2010

Fuat Sezgin Corporate Special Award
TUBA (Turkish Academy of Sciences), 2020

“Türkiye’de Bilim Tarihi Sahasında İlk Doktora Tezi: Aydın Sayılı ‘Observatory in Islam’” [The first PhD dissertation in the history of science in Turkey: Aydın Sayılı and “Observatory in Islam”], Türkiye Araştırmaları Literatürü Dergisi 2, no. 4 (2004): 701–10.

The German Issue and the Division of Germany

The Palestinian-Israeli Water Resources and their Impact on the Middle East Peace Process (ed).

Palestine: From Impasse to Solution
Kure Publications Book, (consisting of articles by eleven different authors.)
Author: Ahmet Selami Caliskan, Ph.D., Collective[JT2] 

“Modern Bilimde Pratiğin Kurucu Etkisi: Homo Faber-Homo Economicus Dayanışması” [Founder effect of practice in modern science: The solidarity between Homo faber and Homo economicus], Dîvân: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, no. 36 (2014): 107–43.

Mechanical Annotations on al-Jazari’s Kitab al-Hiyal
January 2002

Project Manager
Dr. Ahmet Selami Caliskan, Mehmed Ali Caliskan, Ihsan Fazlioglu, Durmus Caliskan
Workshop on Nature Philosophy

Auditor and Participant
Dr. Ahmet Selami Caliskan, Ahmet Corak, Ishak Arslan, Mehmed Ali Caliskan, Ihsan Fazlioglu, Eyup Suzgun
Interdisciplinary Indian Civilization Workshop

Project Manager
The Pioneers of Science Exhibition

A. Toynbee as a Historian of Civilization and A Study of History

Team Member
Kant Reading Workshop
Dr. Ahmet Selami Caliskan, Ihsan Fazlioglu, Ishak Arslan, Mehmed Ali Caliskan

Social Responsibility Projects
A Forest for Every City
January 2009

Tekhnelogos digital solutions, such as ZetaCAD and DIPOS, eliminate the need for printing and thus cut down on paper waste, saving 9,000 trees a year from being cut down in Turkey and helping to preserve the country’s natural beauty for posterity. The technologies developed within the scope of this project are implemented and aim to enrich Turkey’s tree flora by creating a “Tekhnelogos Forest” in each city.

Faziletliler (Virtue) Club

Mechanical Telecontrol and Recognition System
Turkey en 2009 07883 Y

Foreign Language Fluency

Marmara University
Institute of Social Sciences
Philosophy and Religious Sciences
PhD Program
“Ontological Transformation of Techne: The Founder Influence of Practice in Modern Science”

Marmara University
The Institute of the Middle East and Islamic Countries
Master’s Thesis
The Formation of the State of Pakistan

Istanbul Technical University
Mechanical Engineering

Uskudar Fazilet Private Secondary School for Boys
High School for Science and Math


Non-Governmental Organizations
Faziletliler (Virtue) Club

 I couldn’t find this publication. If you can provide the details (journal, volume, issue, year, page numbers), I can format this appropriately. Also, for the sake of the translation of the title, it would help to know exactly what the “Alman sorunu” was.

I’ll need the precise reference details to format these appropriately. A picture of the copyright page and the table of contents for each should give me what I need.

It would be a good idea to provide a few more details about these workshops and activities, like where they were held and whatever institution or organization sponsored them

I can’t follow this in either Turkish or English. What technologies have been developed within the scope of this project, and just how many provinces are you creating a Tekhnelogos forest in?

It’s better to give the original Turkish title with the English translation in brackets

It’s better to give the original Turkish title with the English translation in brackets

That’s it? Just astronomy?

Again, we may want to drop the parenthetical “virtue” here if this is primarily an alumni club.

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