Message of Tekhnelogos CEO Ahmet Selami Çalışkan, Ph.D. to Certified Companies on the 20th Anniversary of the Company

Dear Certified Company,

As our company enters its 20th year, we carry on our journey with our team of 55 people. During this period, we have been a mediator in sending thousands of projects to gas distribution companies via ZETACAD. We would like to thank all certified companies and their employees in our country for your interest, friendliness, and co-operative approach to our technology development studies to date. We keep on reducing Turkey’s carbon footprint with environmentally friendly technologies we develop. As of April 2022, a total of 42,197 trees were saved from being cut down, saving hundreds of millions of dollars. Together with you, we play an active role in the fight against Global Warming, the most important problem of the 21st century. Please click the following link to obtain detailed information about the related carbon footprint and financial contributions:

Our interactions within these 20 years have increasingly made us believe that we have made the right decision to work with you. TEKHNELOGOS will continue to provide you with smart solutions incorporating advanced technology and innovation for everyday engineering problems.

Together with you, we have achieved the automation and digitalisation of the Natural Gas Transformation Process in our country. We could never have achieved this difficult process without “Certified Company” support.

As Tekhnelogos Family, we see all our users as the honorary representative of our company in their respective provinces. Your support and thank-you letters, which are the fruits of our work, are a source of strength and pride for us. We would like to thank you for the services you have provided to more than 6000 companies and their personnel, and the end consumers as the installation subscribers, and we wish your customer and technology-oriented work to increasingly continue.

Our company’s technical support remains at your disposal for all your wishes and requests.

Sincerely yours,

Ahmet Selami ÇALIŞKAN, Ph.D.